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do you ever wish you could just stop time for like a couple weeks so you could just sleep and do whatever you want and just get your shit together and then after that time would just start back up again and you wouldn’t have missed anything because you would just pick up where you left off

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ah yes the four seasons. wet, hot, halloween, and christmas

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A dumb thing I did instead of hurting myself. Sleep by flatsound
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A dumb thing I did instead of hurting myself. Sleep by flatsound

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i miss when i was like 12 and it would be the night before a big field trip or something and i couldnt go to sleep because i was so excited. i miss being so into a book that i would stay up past my bed time reading it. everything seems so bland or something idk. i’m only 19 and everything is so tiring. i miss wanting to be awake

this is the realist shit on this website

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"Please be clingy with me. Get worried if I don’t text you back in ten minutes, blow up my phone, when were in public you better hold my hand and kiss me, get mad when other girls look at me, tell me that you miss me or love me all the time. But also I want you to trust me. If I’m dating you then it means that I’m all for you. I don’t want a relationship that will last a few days. I got into this because I saw something with you. I am yours, you are mine. End of story."
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me trying to put my life back together

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Snapchatting someone you like is SO much harder than snapchatting a friend. 

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